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About Mark Kiyabu


Audiences of all ages and back grounds have enjoyed the comedy and magic of Mark Kiyabu. His artistry and unique local style of magic continues to amaze audiences.

Mark Kiyabu is from Honolulu, Hawaii. He was first introduced to the world of magic by his mentor and first teacher in magic Mr. Jimmy Yoshida. At the age of eight, his journey into magic began. With the guidance and teaching of Mr. Yoshida, he was performing for private events, civic clubs, and children’s hospitals. At any opportunity, he would perform his magic. He performed his first professional show at the age of twelve. 

Since moving to California in 1980, Mark has entertained in Southern California, South Bay and Los Angeles area; for private events, civic clubs, theaters, showrooms, restaurants and fundraisers. Mark has also traveled and performed in many cities in California and the West Coast; creating a magical theater experience with much 'ALOHA SPIRIT'

Mark Kiyabu is an award winning comedy magician. A 6X-winner of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) Ring 96 standup stage magic competition and finished 3rd in the closeup category.

In 2017, Mark received the "People's Choice Award" at the IBM magic competition in Seal Beach, California. He is an experienced professional performing in Southern California, South Bay, and Los Angeles area,  since 1980. Mark is a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) and the Society of American Magicians (SAM).

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A Versatile Entertainer

Have you ever been at a party where everyone sat around quietly, ate and then left?  Was that party fun and memorable? Well, if you are looking to do something different and  make your next event something to truly experience with the "ALOHA SPIRIT" then Mark Kiyabu will take care of all of your entertainment needs!

Mark has performed in Hawaii, the South Bay, Los Angeles and throughout 

Southern California since 1980. His Hawaiian flair, colorful humor, and magic will have everyone entertained. Mark's performance has something for everyone, whether it's for a large
or intimate gatherings. Mark can perform his unique local style of magic almost anywhere: The stage, banquet room, restaurant,
family room, or even your backyard.

COMEDY MAGIC SHOW  “Laughter is the best medicine!” You will laugh and be entertained in this hilarious comedy show. Filled with Aloha, wonder, and excitement! The audience participates in the comedy, the mystery, and the magic. Mark's charming and unique local style will have your guests mesmerized, baffled, and entertained. A perfect blend of comedy and magic. This is ideal for adult audiences.

Special Events: Hawaiian luau, civic clubs, corporate events, private events, and fundraisers.

Length: Mark’s most requested show length is 30 to 45 minutes which is the perfect length for most audiences. However, shows can be longer if needed. 


If you are looking for comedy, magic, and great fun, for your private or corporate event, Mark is destined to satisfy. Performing throughout Southern California, South Bay, and Los Angeles, as well as Hawaii, his performances leave audiences surprised and amazed. 

Read what people are saying... 

"You were fun to watch and made amazing things happen!"

Bill and I wanted to thank you for your show at Bill's 75th birthday party. Everyone we spoke to who attended said that it made the night so much fun. You were fun to watch and made amazing things happen! We loved how you included some of the quests too. I will be sure to pass on your information to anyone who's looking to jazz up an event. All the best!

~ Bill & Diane Resnikoff, Oxnard, CA

“You have a kind heart and great presentation”

Thank you kindly for your talent and friendliness of strolling around to our guests.  I had very positive feedback from our guests and I believe if we have another corporate function, we would look at bringing you back to perform your stage show. You have a kind heart and great presentation. Thank you.

~ Christina Barber, Magento Inc., Sr. Operations Specialist

“Needless to say, he exceeded our expectation.” 

We have had Mark perform for our residents numerous times. The first time, it was pure magic. At other times, it was magic and music. Recently I was hosting a Networking event for healthcare and other professionals from the Southern California area. I was trying to think of a really unique experience for my more sophisticated guests. I thought of Mark right away. We've all been exposed to magic before. But I like that Mark's style is not just awe inspiring but touches the heart as well - magic with heart, I say, for lack of a better adjective. Needless to say, he exceeded our expectations. Mark will always be part of Villa Sorrento's activities for residents or events for our professional friends and guests. 

~ Carla Chan, Executive Director Villa Sorrento Retirement, Torrance, CA 

"Like always a stellar performance''

Like always a stellar performance. The crowd was eating you up, even the young ones. One of the parents was tickled that his young son really enjoyed and actually understood your jokes. Mahalo nui loa

~ Jane Sunahara, YWCA Executive Director, Gardena, CA

​"It was a great moment I know my daughter will remember for a lifetime" Thank you Mark! It was a great moment I know my daughter will remember for a lifetime. I hope there will be another event we can have the privilege of having you perform. In the meantime, I hope the New Year is a prosperous one for you! 

~ Marlon Ogata, Long Beach, CA

“Thank you very much for a wonderful performance” Thank you very much for a wonderful performance, which was the highlight of the party. Lots of guests commented on the show. I mentioned to a cousin-in-law that I believe you could tailor your performance to young children as well. We will definitely keep you in mind as we all laughed very hard. It was easy to do business with you and such a pleasure to get to know you. I am certain other parties will have as great an experience as we did. Thank you again! 

~ Ginny Hovland, Los Angeles, CA

"Everyone loved you!" On behalf of Rock for Vets and Meals on Wheels, thank you for all of your support for the Help Feed a Veteran Show. Thank you for doing such a great job at the show. Everyone loved you!  

~ Frank & Katherine McIIquham, Rock for Vets, Signal Hill, CA

"You are the best in your profession" Mark, you are the best in your profession. Everyone at the Christmas party enjoyed your performance. I'm sure by popular demand we'll call you back again next year. I wish you the very best in good health and prosperity in 2013. Mahalo nui loa. 

~ Sifu Richard Bustillo, IMB Academy, Torrance, CA

"Your passion for the art shows through!"

Just want to thank you for putting on a fantastic show. Everyone LOVED it. Your passion for the art shows through! Please don't hesitate to use me for a reference for any future shows.  

~ Linh Tu, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

"Mark is really funny and entertaining."  I got the chance to see Mark perform at a Hawaiian Luau. Mark is really funny and entertaining. His show is young at heart, local boy style. I took a peek to observe the audience, most with BIG smiles, some seriously watching his every move, and others with their jaw hanging in awe, wondering how in the heck he pulled that amazing trick off. I totally enjoyed his show and I would highly recommend that you take the time and go see one of his performances. 

​~ Lyll Asuncion, Honolulu, Hawaii

"Thank you so very much for helping make our Halloween Party such a special one." Thanks for all your hard work and thoughtfulness, especially for our seniors at Perry Park Hall. Thank you so very much for helping make our Halloween Party such a special one. I’m sure you and I agree that making a fun magical day for people is so rewarding. God Bless you and keep you, as you enjoy making people happy.  

~ Luann Willoughby, Redondo Beach, CA 

"His combination of humor and magic kept everyone entertained"  I recently attended our Grandparents 60th Wedding Anniversary in Gardena, CA. Mark, "Magic with Aloha" was perfect! His combination of humor and magic kept everyone entertained, from my 4 year old son to the guests of honor themselves! Watching as individuals from the audience were picked to participate and even being picked myself was a blast! I hope to be able to see his fantastic performance again!  

~ Andrea Polendey, Medford, OR

"The audience was awed and entranced by your sleight-of-hand magic"  On behalf of the Monterey Park Japanese American Senior Citizens Club, I'd like to thank you for the very entertaining demonstration of the art of Hawaiian magic. The audience was awed and entranced by your sleight-of-hand magic and enjoyed your engaging humor. Thank you again for such a stellar performance. We hope you will perform for us again in the future.  

~ Carole Kakita, MPJASC Program Chairman 

​"really impressed with your show" It was our pleasure to have you perform for us. I had a lot of great compliments from the members and they were really impressed with your show. Carol has you listed and I am sure she will be contacting you sometime again. I know you will be getting contacts from various groups that are associated with our members. Thank you again.  

~ Tak Murase, Monterey Park, CA 

"His magic tricks were amazing"  We had the great pleasure of seeing Mark perform at an Anniversary Party. He was funny, witty, and so quick of hand! His magic tricks were amazing. For children to adult, his show was very entertaining.  

~ Alice Polendey, Eagle Point, OR 

"combination of humor and magic had everyone laughing and amazed"  Mark recently performed at our house for a party that we have annually. All of our guests were amazed and impressed by Mark's wonderful act. His combination of humor and magic had everyone laughing and amazed. His colorful adult humor was a huge hit, with all of the guests clamoring for more. I would highly recommend Mark for any type of occasion, his magic is highly entertaining and as a performer you will not find one who has the ability to interact so well with many different types of people. Hiring Mark to perform will become part of our annual tradition and is something that our guests look forward to every year.  

~ MaryJo & Manuel Rodriguez, Murrieta, CA

"His close-up magic skills are incredible"  Mark has performed his strolling magic for Paddy O's Irish Pub for the past four years. Our customers tell us how much they enjoyed his magic. Mark is funny, charming, and entertaining. His close-up magic skills are incredible.  

​~Vicky Williams, owner Paddy O's Irish Pub and Grille, Torrance, CA

''Mark performed a great show''

Mark performed a great show for our home for a family wedding anniversary party. The performance was both funny and truly amazing. This was an outside event with 'no strings' or visible magic tools. The children as well as the adults enjoyed the performance! I would and do recommend it to everyone!  

~ Resti Habash, Gardena, CA

​"He made me laugh"  I have seen Mark perform on several occasions. His shows are fun, entertaining and enjoyable. He made me laugh; I would definitely see his shows anytime.  

~ Joel Haffke, Redondo Beach, CA

​"you'll walk away scratching your head too!" I've had the good fortune to attend several magic performances by Mark and each time I've walked away shaking my head saying, "how'd he do that?" Each performance gets better and better. His dialogue, commentary and magic are a blend of his skills and aloha spirit. Take the time to catch a'll walk away scratching your head too! 

​~ Carmen Freeland, Daily Breeze, Torrance, CA

“Everyone enjoyed your show”Mahalo Mark, you did a great job with your magic and comedy! Everyone enjoyed your show. It was very professional and you will be the talk of our meetings. I will sure be calling you for other events. Once again Mark, Mahalo! God bless.  

~ Joseph Jimenez, Grand Knight Council 14007, Walnut, CA 

“The funny jokes were a great hit and your magic was fantastic” Mark, I want to thank you for the great show you performed at the Tres Rios Power Squadron Christmas party. Everyone told me how much fun you were. The funny jokes were a great hit and your magic was fantastic. I will recommend you to one and all for a fun filled evening. Thank you again. 

~ Rosemarie Radomsky, Tres Rios Power Squadron, Long Beach, CA 

"his magic delighted and astonished everyone." Mark Kiyabu's "Magic with Aloha" was a very fortunate choice for our event's entertainment. Personable and easygoing on the stage, he connected well with our audience of about 150 guests. Simply presented, without a lot of smoke and mirrors, his magic delighted and astonished everyone. Classy! Mahalo Mark!

~Judy Goldberg, Program Committee, Friends Of The Library, Huntington Beach, CA 

"the members and the volunteers were all engaged and mesmerized." Thank you again for the wonderful performance. I was scoping out the audience during your performance, and the members and volunteers were all engaged and mesmerized. I'm real glad you decided to perform for us. I can't thank you enough!!! We will certainly use your services again!!!

~Roy Yamatoku, Program Director, Gardena Pioneer Project, Gardena, CA 

"everyone left wondering how he did those magic tricks" Mark Kiyabu, “Magic with Aloha”, recently performed for the Long Beach Japanese Cultural Center Shinnenkai. His sense of humor and narration was most entertaining, and everyone left wondering how he did those magic tricks! We look forward to the next time we see him perform! 

~Joanne Leivici, Board Member, Long Beach Pioneer Project, Long Beach, CA

"Everyone just loved you and said they had a great time!" THANK YOU so very much for being so AMAZING!!! Everyone just loved you and said they had a great time! I was especially thankful for the great line-up of talent, we had to offer! THANK YOU again and again, and God bless you for your tender and generous heart. Aloha and big hugs!  xoxoxo 

~Cindy Shields, Comedian




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'Magic with Aloha'

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'Magic with Aloha' by Mark Kiyabu (310) 523-4014

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